How to install Openbullet on Windows and Linux

September 29, 2022 (1y ago)

install Openbullet on Windows and Linux

OpenBullet is an open-source web testing suite widely recognized for its configuration-based approach to assessing the security and performance of websites. This powerful tool helps developers identify potential vulnerabilities and improve overall site functionality. In this article, we will delve into the features of OpenBullet, its legitimate uses, and why ethical considerations are essential when utilizing this tool.

I'm writing about it because I employ it to test my web applications. Therefore, I recommend its use for educational purposes to everyone. only between yourself and yourself. If you violate any rules, I am not responsible. In addition, I am not teaching anything prohibited here. I should also remind you that, OpenBullet itself is not illegal, as it is a web testing suite designed to assess website security and performance.

What is the use of Openbullet?

I will now discuss Its use cases. I will divide these into two sections. Legal use cases and illegal use cases.

Legitimate Uses of OpenBullet

While OpenBullet has gained notoriety for its use in credential stuffing and brute force attacks, it has numerous legitimate applications, such as:

  • Load testing and stress testing websites
  • Analyzing and optimizing API performance
  • Identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities
  • Streamlining web scraping tasks

Illegitimate Uses of OpenBullet

  • Data parsing and manipulation
  • Credencials cracking or hijacking
  • Automated captcha solving integration
  • Multi-threading support
  • Proxy management
  • Bot integration

How to download and install Openbullet on Windows

There are several versions of Openbullet that people widely use on windows operating system. I have included all those versions. Download whichever you like

You can use any of these you like. But most of the configs are not comfortable with Openbullet 2. So I'd suggest you use Openbullet 1.4.4 anomaly or Openbullet 1.2.2

These are portable applications. So you don't need to install it. So how can you use these? Few steps are required.

  • Turn off your firewall or antivirus program. It is a must because the Firewall on the antivirus program will delete Openbullet thinking It's a virus or Trojan.
  • Extract the file.
  • Just open the execution file.
  • Boom! Now you're able to use Openbullet.
  • There are folders that specify things like configs or wordlists. You'll understand these.

Point to be noticed that you'll always have to keep your antivirus or firewall program whenever you use Openbullet.

How to download and install Openbullet on Linux

Although you can't use Openbullet just like you used on Windows. But you can still use it. Follow these steps:

  • Go to this repository which contains Openbullet 2.
  • Click on releases
  • Click and download from Assets
  • Go to this link and download Dotnet for your Linux
  • Extract both Dotnet and Openbullet into the same folder.
  • Open Terminal from that folder. You can also do cd to enter that folder.
  • Use this command line
./dotnet OpenBullet2.dll
running openbullet

You'll see It's running.

  • Open browser and go to the link mentioned in the terminal.
openbullet on localhost
  • Follow these screenshots
Openbullet on Linux
Openbullet on Linux step two
Openbullet on Linux Step 3
Openbullet on Linux Step 4
Openbullet on Linux Done

You don't need to worry about anything on Linux distributions. Nothing will block you from accessing anything unlike antivirus or Firewall on Windows OS


OpenBullet is an incredibly versatile and powerful web testing suite that, when used ethically, can greatly benefit developers and website administrators. By understanding its features and legitimate applications, you can harness the potential of OpenBullet to enhance your website's security and performance. Always remember to use this tool ethically and responsibly.