Is Using Google Analytics A Ranking Factor For Search

August 6, 2022 (1y ago)


Is Using Google Analytics A Ranking Factor For Search

Recently, I got suddenly curious about this matter. I use self-hosted analytics for my blog. And when I was researching about improving my site's SEO ranking I got a question on my mind. Does Google use Google Analytics data to improve my site's ranking? I'll write about those now. It was quite satisfying anyway.

Google's Statement Regarding Google Analytics' Role As A Ranking Factor

You could come across allegations that disabling Google Analytics will lower your website's search engine rankings and possibly result in a Google penalty.

Alternatively, you could be aware that Google ranks websites using data from Google Analytics.

There are many presumptions, but I'm here to share some information.

Google Analytics is a tool for calculating ROI and better understanding your customers. Google has been emphasising this since 2005, when it purchased Urchin Web Analytics, which is now known as Google Analytics.

Matt Cutts, former leader of Google's Webspam division, responded to the question in a 2010 video:

Matt Cutts about Google Analytics

After then, Google's Gary IIlyes brought it up once more in 2017:

Having doubts? Let's listen to John Mueller from Google say it once more in 2018, this time on Twitter.

He went on to explain that Google Analytics is not necessary for search, clearing up any confusion.

Does Google use Google Analytics to enhance indexing?

Is it possible to be penalised for using Google Analytics on Google?

I understand how difficult it can be to comprehend what can and cannot be penalised by Google, especially when reading articles like these from Google Analytics competitors.

Bill Hartzer, an SEO Consultant and long-time SEO idol of mine, stepped in to ask Mueller for his thoughts on this essay.

John Mueller’s response:

Matt Cutts confirmed this as well back in 2010. He stated in this video.

“The answer is no. Webspam does not use Google Analytics, and a while ago I went and checked and search quality in general does not use Google Analytics in ranking.

So, if you use Google Analytics, or if you don't use Google Analytics, it won’t affect your ranking within Google search results.”


If your SEO agency informs you that your site need it to rank, you should choose another SEO service.

The conspiracy tales you've heard about Google encouraging your SEO team to use Google Analytics to learn more about your techniques are absolutely untrue.

For the time being, Google's algorithm is more than just pimping its own products to the algorithm.