Checking Your Sharjah Traffic Fines: A Simple Guide

Driving in Sharjah comes with a responsibility to follow traffic rules. While unexpected situations can arise, it's important to stay informed about any traffic fines you may incur. This guide will walk you through the simple steps on how to check your Sharjah traffic fines.

Checking Fines Online:

  • Head over to the Sharjah Police website
  • Look for the Traffic Services tab and select Traffic Fines Payment
  • Now, choose your preferred method for checking:
  • By car plate: Enter your vehicle's plate number and click "Search."
  • By traffic file number: Have your traffic file number handy and enter it in the designated field, followed by "Search."
  • By license information: Provide your driving license details and click "Search."
  • The system will display a clear list of any outstanding traffic fines you may have. This list typically includes details like the specific offense, location, date, and the amount owed.

Alternative Options:

  • Visit a Sharjah Police Station Customer Service Center. Their staff can assist you in checking and potentially paying your fines.
  • Contact the Sharjah Roads & Transport Authority (SRTA) Customer Service:
  • Call 06 503 3333 to speak with a representative.
  • Visit their website for online inquiries.


  • You can also pay your traffic fines online using your debit or credit card through the Sharjah Police website.
  • Settling your fines promptly is crucial to avoid additional penalties and potential vehicle confiscation.

Staying informed about your traffic fines is essential for responsible driving in Sharjah. By following these simple steps, you can easily check your fines and take necessary actions to ensure a smooth driving experience.