How To Check Ajman Traffic Fines

To effortlessly check your Ajman traffic fines, utilize either the Ajman Police website or the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) platform. Follow these simple steps:

Ajman Police Website:

  1. Visit the Ajman Police Website: Head to the official Ajman Police website.
  2. Navigate to Services: Click on the "Services" option from the main menu.
  3. Access Traffic Fines: Select "Traffic Fines" to directly access the fines inquiry page.
  4. Enter Required Information: Input your vehicle plate number or driver's license number.
  5. View Your Fines: Instantly view any outstanding traffic fines associated with your vehicle.

Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) Website:

  1. Visit EVG: Go to the Emirates Vehicle Gate website.
  2. Access Fines Section: Click on the "Pay Traffic Fines" option prominently displayed on the homepage.
  3. Search by Vehicle Number: Opt for "Search by Vehicle Number" from the available options.
  4. Provide Details: Enter your vehicle number along with the plate origin (Ajman).
  5. Retrieve Fine Details: Hit the "Search" button to retrieve a comprehensive list of outstanding fines, complete with fine numbers and violation dates.

Ajman Police App:

Alternatively, streamline the process by downloading the Ajman Police app. Access your fines conveniently through the app interface.

Payment Process:

Once you've reviewed your fines, proceed to settle them promptly via the respective online platforms or app. Alternatively, visit the Ajman Traffic Department in person for assistance.


Timely settlement of fines helps evade late fees and potential vehicle confiscation. Ensure your driving license and vehicle registration are up to date to prevent any additional inconvenience.

Drive responsibly and stay safe!